Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Kenyan Gossip:Naughty Socialite Huddah Buys Herself A Strange Looking "Clit0r!$ Stimulator".

 Everybody's favorite socialite has decided to take it a notch higher and spice her sex life by buying herself a vibrator; you can call it a $ex toy if you are a cool kid. Now, there is absolutely no problem with buying a $ex toy, I mean she is a girl in business,  it is more like a deejay and his headphones (see I said Dj) For you see, ladies and  gentleman even with  the commonest of us, some do love to get to that proverbial Nirvana, cloud nine and Huddah, who is on world  tour is no exception. 
I kinda stumbled across her updates (which we call "stories")on the popular cool kids app, Snapchat where she shared her new acquisition, a strange looking $ex toy captioning it "$exy little thing, "Clifford" Stimulator. (see? I wrote Clifford-Sometimes I'm funny. I make myself  laugh)
Snapchat has recently become a popular joint for celebrities who love sharing up to the minute insights into their gorgeous lives. Check out Huddah's new toy. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Picture of the Day, Zari and Diamond Platnumz Moms enjoying Being at Tiffah side Together

Picture of the Day, Zari and Diamond Platnumz Moms enjoying Being at Tiffah side Together.... See how these two Grannies  Love their Little one..

See what Wema Sepetu Captioned This Picture when She was Giving Mr President, H.E Kikwete his Award

See what Wema Sepetu Captioned This Picture when She was Giving Mr President, H.E Kikwete his award At CCM, Mama Ongea na Mwanao Event Launch..
"Mr. President and I katika ubora wetu.... He deserves this and more... Tunakupenda baba yetu...😘"

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bebe Cool Wanted To Have $ex With Lisa Mandy? ... Um, These $exy Photos Will Tell You Why!

Every man wants to b@ng a hot chick ... especially a model that has a $ex-tastic figure and fine a$$ you would do anything to see n@ked, for you, right fellas?! These jaw-dropping $exy photos could be the reason Bebe Cool wanted to have a go at it with Lisa Mandy.

 I would be damned if I blamed Bebe Cool for trying to hit Lisa Mandy's fine ass back in the day. I don't know about you, but if you are a man with a beating heart, and you 'work' as well as I do, then we can all agree that this former model is digestible. In fact, more digestible than anything you'd ever eat.

 Bebe Cool has every right to give it a try ... everybody would, right?! So, if Big Size tried and failed, who the hell cares? I don't ... Besides, this proves the guy is straight, contrary to what some people say. Enjoy!

What That Kenyan Pastor Ng'ang'a Told His Flock On Sunday

He is out of jail on a bond worth 1 million shillings and a surety of the same or a 500K cash bail but Pastor James Ng’ang’a Maina, who looked dejected and sour, had a word to tell his congregation at his Neno Evangelism Church on Sunday.

The controversial man of the cloth was arrested and presented in court for the murder of Mercy Njeri through reckless driving along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway a month ago.
What baffled many is the fact that the televangelist colluded with some police officers to cover-up the accident, and even made the inspector general of Police Joseph Boinett to jump to his defense and deny it was not him who caused the accident.

But after massive public outcry, a fresh probe was carried out and it was established that indeed it was the pastor who was driving the Range Rover that caused the accident.
Ng’ang’a blasted IG Boinett for allowing his arrest and prosecution even when there was no enough evidence to prove he killed Mercy Njeri on July 26.

The pastor also blasted the media, saying it has been on his neck all along because they do not wish him well.
Ng’ang’a said that most of those working for the media are young men and women whom he prayed for, laid hands on and blessed them to get jobs.

“Most of them are kids I have laid hands on, prayed for and blessed. Now they are spreading false information because they do not like pastor Ng’ang’a. I pray for them.”
He said that there was an accident over the weekend but no media house followed it like they have followed his, clearly showing they hate him.

Miss Uganda Zahara Runs After Thief, Recovers Her Phone

The phrase literally means, that it is only the wise who survive in Kampala. And indeed our reigning beauty queen, Zahara Muhammad is a wise lady! This was proved Thursday when a thug tried to run away with her phone on her way home.

However, apart from beauty, Zahara exhibited her other talent when she ran after the thug at a speed that would make reigning 100m & 200m champion, Usain Bolt seek retirement.

Talk about beauty with a purpose! And with the help of the public, the thug was cornered and the phone was recovered.

“Someone tries to snatch my fone kampala-style. Well, they didn’t get it but you should have seen the way people hurried to grab whoever wanted to steal from their “Miss Uganda”.” she said after the

She has since went ahead to advise culprit to repent and turn to God.

Meanwhile, the beauty queen spent most of her Friday interacting and briefing contestants who are eyeing the Mirinda Miss teen crown. The winner is to be crowned today at Kati Kati Bar & Restaurant, Lugogo.

$ex Confessions: “I Slept With My Best Friend’s Girlfriend And Now She Wants Me”

I have done some really stupid things in life, all of which i am not proud of. I was never a good guy; I never cared for anyone other than myself. This one happened one years ago when I was at Makerere University, I lived with my roommate, Eric, he and I were more than just roommates, we were actually best friends. But he had a problem; he was never man enough to approach ladies.

And the funny thing was, “Girls” were all he ever talked about. And I had never actually seen him with any, either as friends or in a relationship since our first year. In my own case, I was the direct opposite, I hardly talk about girls, but I was the partying type, approaching whichever lady I think I liked. Most of them I won and others I didn’t. On a certain day, he and I were returning from the Library during the tests week, “You see that girl,” he said, using his head to point toward a lady some distance away. “That’s my missing rib” he added. I laughed, uncontrollably. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “You don’t even exist in her world” i said, but you can change that. “Just walk up to her and tell her how you feel, or ask her out”. He kept quiet for a while, “I don’t know why it’s so easy for you, but am scared, very scared” he said. I gave him my books, to hold for me, then began the journey towards his crush. “Hello ladies, how are you all doing?” I greeted them, she was with two of her friends, she didn’t reply, only the other two did. “Can I have a word with you please?” I said, but this time, facing my target. She was a little surprised.

We moved to the side, still standing, her notebook was pinned to her neck, while her jaw stapled it. “Hi dear, am Andrew, but I like being called Andy” I said, while extending my hand. She smiled a little, and shook on my hand. “And you’re…?” I asked “Am Brendah!” she replied. “Nice name, Brendah do you believe in Fate?” …. “Fate?” she asked “Yes, Fate, F-A-T-E” I said, spelling out every word. “I do” she replied. I loved the reply she gave because it was in accordance to my next statement. “I have a friend who has a very big crush on you; he thinks both of you are destined to be. Personally I’ve known him for two years, and all through the years, you’re the first lady he has showed interest in. And please don’t tell me you’re taken, because it will hurt him badly” I said. She laughed a little and glanced at her feet. “So who is this friend of yours and where is he?” she asked. “A moment please” I waved at him, and gave him a gesture to come over. I could hear his heart beating from where I was. lol! That’s a joke. Eric came over to where we were, he was pretending not to notice her, as he fixed his gaze on me. “Brendah, this is your missing rib,” I said with my left hand on his shoulder. “If he messes up, just tell me, and I’ll ‘Malhandle’ him” I said and we all laughed. I collected my books from Eric and left both of them still talking. I got home, prepared food for both of us, I ate some, and was watching Don’t Mess with Kansiime, when Eric came in.

He dropped his bag on the floor, with so much force, he came over to where I was and we shook. A big smile garnished his face, he was so happy, obviously. Eric and Brendah began dating and soon, they were in a serious relationship. On a weekend, Eric invited her to come spend the weekend with him, or should I say with us. It was a tough weekend especially for me, I slept at my neighbour’s place, while both of them, had the whole room. Brendah was the lively and very funny type and I knew she would engage my friend.

On the Sunday, I woke up very late, about 10am; Eric was already buckling his shoes. While Brendah was seated on the bed for supposedly a nice night. “Morning bro” He glanced at me. “you’re finally awake” he said and laughed a little. Eric dressed up, and wore the shoes for church since Brendah was going later on. He went over to the bed, to meet Brendah “Hey dear, I’ll be off to church, “I love you” he added, his hand on her cheek. “I love you too, and make sure you pray for us” Eric left, and I prepared eggs, tea and bread For Brendah and myself. She got up, dressed the bed, brushed her teeth and joined me on the room table. “Hey, you couldn’t wait for me” she said. I laughed with my mouth closed, ‘coz I was still munching. We enrolled into an almost endless conversation. “I haven’t seen you with any girl, does that mean you don’t have a girlfriend.” she asked I kept quiet for a long while. “I did, we broke up” I replied. “What happened?” she asked. I knew she’d ask that question, but I was hoping she wouldn’t. “It’s a long story, can we skip that please?” “No! I wanna hear it” she said, with a look of seriousness. “Okay, my ex-girlfriend lies a lot, about everything, I walked into her apartment, and met her being f@cked by another guy, I banged the door out of anger and left. She called me a few days later and told me she wasn’t the one” Brendah began laughing; she almost fell off her chair in laughter. I stretched my hand to hold her. She was still laughing, I was joking actually, I made that up. She laughed even more, when I told her I was kidding. After some minutes, she eventually stopped laughing. I was done eating; I sat by the table, as we kept talking.

She was done; I got her cups and plate, including mine and took them to the bucket. I began washing them to our near sink in our room. She walked up to me from behind and wrapped her hand around my waist. I was a little startled at first. “Hey!” I managed to say. “Are you always this sweet?” she asked. I used the towel, to dry my hands and turned around to face her. “Yeap, hope you do not have diabetes?” I asked with a grin. She began laughing again. My head was now locked as I moved closer to her, and forced a kiss on her cheek. And i stared at her for a while, and then made a move for her lips, we kissed. After that kiss, everything began happening fast.

I lifted her up and dropped her on the side of the bed, as she started breathing first I gently rubbed a finger on her lips. I slowly slid my hand into her pants and she gasped a little. Later, she started to groaned in ecstasy way as my hand was doing magic down, disorganizing her ‘Kampala Mukadde’.I was enjoying it too. I reached a hand to a box of condoms, and I bombard her ‘Kitone’. After our romp, that’s when I realized I betrayed my best friend; I stung him in the back. And he didn’t even suspect anything, because he trusted me to a great extent. Even though he never found out, it’s a mistake I still regret. But am a better man now, I doubt I would do the same, If caught in a similar situation. But recently I met Brendah in the bank and we exchanged numbers! We have been chatting on whatsap and she seems to what a second round despite dumping. Am now confused, I want to avoid this girl! However, she is funny and assertive, I would wish to have, but what will Eric think!